Being Different Is Not A Crime

We are a strong advocate of this saying “a healthy mind is a healthy body” and if you are not emotionally and mentally healthy, how do you want to run a business in the best way. Hence, we bring with us another advice to implement in your day to day activities — Being different is not a crime.

Don’t worry about being misunderstood. You’ll always be misunderstood by someone. Especially when you follow your heart instead of the crowd. One of the lessons of history is that following your heart can invite persecution from those who are too afraid to follow their own. Your job isn’t to be understood or to impress others. It’s okay to be at peace with yourself and treat others as yourself, regardless of what they think of you. If you spend your life trying to impress others, you’ll end realizing that you never really lived.

Besides, you inspire people by being different. Not by being the same as them.


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