color concepts

In fashion designing industry, color is the most essential elements of design for clothing. Without color dress design is totally incomplete. Choosing colors is fun.

Every fashion designer has to more option to choosing an effective color scheme and simply picking the colors for appeal design. He gets more knowledge about latest fashion color on dress and then tries to knowing what consumer like.

Basic concepts of colors are most essential to know the use of color in our daily life. It is impossible to imagine a life without color on dress.

Definition of Color:
Color is the by product of the spectrum of light, as it is reflected or absorbed, as received by the human eye and processed by the human brain.

Types of color:

  • Primary Colors
  • Secondary Colors
  • Tertiary colors

1. Primary Colors:
There are three Primary colors: RED, BLUE and YELLOW. Primary colors cannot be created by mixing other colors.
There are actually two types of primary colors:

i. Subtractive color
ii. Additive color

i. Subtractive color:
Subtractive colors are used in conjunction with reflex light. The subtractive colors are blue, red and yellow, (cyan, magenta and yellow where printing and coatings are concerned).

When all of the three subtractive primary colors were combined together, then they would produce black color.

Some examples where subtractive primary colors are used-

  • Textiles
  • Clothes
  • Furnishings
  • Printing
  • Paints
  • Colored coatings

ii. Additive color:
Additive colors that are obtained by emitted light. The additive primary colors are red, green and blue. When all of the three additive colors were combined together in the form of light, then they would produce white.

Some examples where additive primary colors are used-
Theatrical lighting
Computer monitors

2. Secondary Colors:
When two primary colors are mixing together then it’s called a secondary color. Secondary colors can only be created by mixing true primary colors. There are three types of secondary color. These are

Red + Yellow = Orange
Red + Blue = Purple
Yellow + Blue = Green

Orange, Purple and Green are secondary color when primary color is intermixed with secondary color.

3. Tertiary colors:
Tertiary colors are the combinations of primary and secondary colors. There are six tertiary colors;

Red + orange = Red orange
Yellow + orange = Yellow orange
Yellow + green = Yellow green
Blue + green = Blue green
Blue + violet = Blue violet
Red + violet = Red-violet