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3 Must-Haves for Creative People

We all want to believe that if our work is good enough, we’ll be recognized for our creative genius. Whether as designers, entrepreneurs, or creatives, we believe success is mostly about the quality of our work.

Depending on how long you have been around, you might have noticed that this is not the case, who you know matters. Beyond networking, your entire creative process plays a big role in deciding the success or failure of what you create.

Here are 3 key ingredients every successful creative must possess for there to be significant success.

  1. The Scene: For maximum results as a creative person, you cannot just live or work anywhere. The scenes we join (or fail to) unavoidably affect the success of our work. And sometimes the best career move is to physically move.

2. The Network: Great networks, especially for creatives don’t just happen. You often have to look for them, making use of the people already around you, and constantly curating your relationships in hopes of strengthening the network. Industry events, online platforms are great places to meet and establish strategic relationships with productive people.

3. The Community: This is a must-have for creatives, no good creative man or woman is an island! As established community of creatives like we have at 360 Creative Hub will go a long way in getting you started.

Start making intentional effort towards nurturing these three angles of your creative ecosystem and you will see your brand enjoy more impact in the industry, and in the market place.


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