How to Grow Your Clothing Business.

grow your clothing business

The success of a clothing business is dependent on numerous outside factors. Seasonal changes, location, current trends in clothing, pricing and consumer interest are all major factors in whether a clothing business will succeed. In order to help a clothing business grow, certain steps must be taken by a small […]

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Essential Tools For Every Fashion Designer.

As the year is running out, the acquisition of necessary tools or addition to your current tool set will be at the center of your thoughts. We took time to compile essential tools and equipment every fashion designer should work towards having before the year runs out. Dress Forms     […]

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Application Of Foundation Garment.

foundation garment

A foundation garment is an undergarment that is usually designed by the size of wearers, to get an attractive and fashionable figure. To get a young looking body figure, foundation garment must be needed. Now a day’s foundation garments are also called shapewear foundation garments. It is often called “body […]

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