What Motivates Costumers In Fashion and Retail Business

Customer Motivation

Customer Motivation
A customer is the key person in any business. In fashion and retail business customer motivation is very important task.

Customer motivation is based on circumstances. In the past most people bought/make new clothes only when need arose, for a very special occasion or because their old clothes wore out.

The average person simply could not afford to buy more than basic necessities. In western society today discretionary income is large and people can buy/make new clothes frequently.

Therefore, buying motivation have changed people are able to buy clothes because they want. Buying motivation vary from consumer to consumer and from day to day. Motives are both rational and emotional.

Techniques that are based on customers motivation for purchasing:

A buying motive is the reason why the customer purchases the goods. Customers buy the goods due to several motives such as economic, social, psychological, etc.

To be Fashionable:
People may buy/make new cloth to make them they are trendy. To become fashionable to wear latest model dress is one of the important criteria. People with self-confidence don’t hesitate and are not confused while shopping.

To be attractive and impress other:
Consumer want clothes that make them look their best or that show their physical attributes. People also want to exhibit their label of taste or income through clothing. It is also way to express his status.

To fill an emotion need:
New cloth often helps people feel better psychology. Being secure in the feeling that they are wearing appropriate fashion helps them feel confident and self-assurance.

Styling features:
Styling features for instance color, texture, new look make a great role to create a positive buying motivation. People like to create their individual look based on their personality and try creating a different comfortable identity.

Practical consideration:
Consumer wants the best product at best price. Price is probably the most important practical consideration for the average consumer. Comfort, Brand label, Fabric, quality also takes role to make the change buyer motivation.


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