Application Of Foundation Garment.

A foundation garment is an undergarment that is usually designed by the size of wearers, to get an attractive and fashionable figure. To get a young looking body figure, foundation garment must be needed.

Now a day’s foundation garments are also called shapewear foundation garments. It is often called “body shapers” or “contour garments”. Foundation garments include body briefs, bodysuits, bras, panty, control panty hose, control panties, corsets, garter belts, and girdles.

One of the first things a well-dressed girl learns is the value of proper foundation garments. Foundation garments are so important that a wise girl chooses a really well-made and properly fitted girdle or panties and bra in preference to a more expensive dress (like tops, kameez, blouse), shirt, T-shirt, coat etc. Every modern and active woman wants to get comfortable foundation garments that support and magnify her figure. For the fashion movements, fashion show, fashion photograph, fashion modeling special styles of foundation garments have been required.

Application and importance of foundation garments:

  • Foundation garments are designed for every type of figure.
  • The foundation garments should be soft in texture, comfortable to wear, and should allow freedom of body action.
  • For using this foundation garment women’s get slimmer and shapelier body appears.
  • For the young girl foundation garments especially designed for the growing figure.
  • There are different types of foundation garments. Main foundation garments are bra, panty, girdle, lingerie, and body shaper. All of these foundation garments are helps to fit your body posture and make self confident.
  • Any outer garment is dependent for its fit and general appearance upon the foundation garments with which it is worn.
  • Foundation garment generates an impression of vigor, raise the confidence level and express the attractiveness.
  • For clothing to fit, and fit well, women have to start with the right base.
  • If the women’s body has become badly out of alignment then a heavier foundation garment must be needed.
  • The perfect foundation garment helps to improve body posture, tighten the abdominal muscles and builds the balance and that make self- assurance.
  • If women’s body lost her muscles sag and muscle tone then firmer foundation garment support may be needed.
  • Fashion and foundations are closely related with each other, so fashionable and smooth foundation garment as well as a good for figure.
  • Wearing the right foundation garments for women body gives her confidence to go ahead with their daily fearlessly and give a perfect fit on dress.
  • Remember that foundation garment cannot give you miracle, but it can fulfill your dream. However, it can help to make good posture, mold and control the flesh, and give a smooth and attractive body shape.


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