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Festive seasons and the opportunities they bring to your fashion business

The end of year festivities are a few weeks away. And as a business owner, this means great times for business, As it is Nigeria this is the season where clothing sales are at their peak*. It is not uncommon for clothing retailers to make up to 50% of their yearly profits this season of the year. Are you in for an opportunity to  win big as a business owner this season? Here are a few tips to guide your holiday season campaigns

1 creative Christmas themed campaigns

We all know it is important to appropriately dressed for each occasion and the law is no different for your business and the Yuletide. Make your brand in tune with the times and season by creating Christmas themed campaigns and pictures. There are many ways to give your brand a Christmas look twist. Adding a Christmas tree or any Decor associated with the season as the background of your pictures. A good idea is to update your website by using themes that have a Christmas flare to them. You could also make your packaging gear more Christmas-like with a touch of green and red or some sparkles. Last and certainly not the least adding a Christmas flare to you social media accounts is equally useful.

2 Give-aways for old and new customers

The season is particularly associated with gifts, so why not treat your old customers with a reward for their repeated patronage and lure new ones to your business by organizing attractive Christmas sales? Make your business stand out from the competition by creating sales that are of real value to your customers. You can dedicate this season for once in year discounts. Which will retain old and attract new customers to your corner. 

3 season value proposition

Although at this stage we believe your business already has a Unique Value proposition, it is quite helpful to have a Yuletide VP as well. This may form the core of all your Yuletide campaigns. It may just be a season’s twist to your existing UVP or just a unique service you can offer your customers this season. Let be relevant to your business and your customers

4 content marketing to the rescue!

One of the most effective ways to market is to show your customers that you genuinely care. One way to achieve this is to use content marketing. Content marketing is most effective in this are in that it enables you give your customers information that will be beneficial to them for free. The season comes with a lot of exigencies and responsibilities for your customers. You could create informative content on various issues of the seasons such as How to wrap gift, How to decorate your space for the season on a budget and so forth. Your customers will certainly appreciate the helping hand (or advice in this case). This will help endear your customers to your business for longer than just a season.

5 Use Countdowns.

A common issue during this season is failed/delayed delivery. This is one mistake that customers will definitely not forgive easily. This can be mitigated by creating a deadline within which all your orders must come in. You should subtly make it clear that all orders placed after the said date are not guaranteed to be delivered during the festive season. To promote this you can add countdown options to all your campaigns of the season. This will not only ensure tha you have sufficient time to deliver, It will also create a sense of urgency in you customers’ mind and may potentially increase traffic in your business.

We wish you a very merry Business season


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