Essential Tools For Every Fashion Designer.

As the year is running out, the acquisition of necessary tools or addition to your current tool set will be at the center of your thoughts.

We took time to compile essential tools and equipment every fashion designer should work towards having before the year runs out.

Dress Forms  Dressforms


Fabric Pressing Tools

Steam Press Pressing Iron Ironing Board


Pattern Making (Cutting) Tools


Drafting Tables: Any good table high enough for your convenience will do the trick. The original purpose is for conceptualization and drafting pf designs. But this can also (not best practice tho) double as your ironing board.


Computer Aided Design Software: There are a number of Softwares you can consider for use as mentioned in this article






Fabrics of all kinds


Of course,  Sewing Machines

This is a tricky aspect because every Fashion Designer or Tailor will own or have access to a Sewing Machine of some sort.

But because they come in various types your decision on what type comes first, second, and last, on your ‘to-buy’ list should be based on the nature of clients you have and the kind of clothes your make most often.

Most Importantly, you might not have all the finance in acquiring all these, we have a sewing space for you where you can get all the needed tools and machines at a monthly fee.
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