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Week Two: Fashion Acceleration Programme 2.0

The second week’s class of the Fashion Acceleration Programme 2019 was entirely a success as the facilitator, on the 13th of June, 2019, focused on this topic: Creating Value – How to Create a service customers are willing to pay for.

On this day, the facilitator, Daniel Oparison took the 2nd Fashion Acceleration Programme Cohorts on the journey of creating a service customers are willing to pay for and he focused on the following keynotes:

•Designing your Business Model
•How to create what customers are willing to pay for (compelling value proposition)
•Business Model Canvas
•Value Proposition Canvas
•Understanding your customer/audience is key.
•Be is sync and aligned with your customer

The second class of the week held on the second day, June 14, 2019 with Lola Esan coming in as the facilitator of the day. Her topic was Vision, Strategy and Human Resources and she had an interactive session with the Fashion Acceleration Programme 2019 Cohorts by taking her time to impact her wealth of knowledge to the young brands on the best way to manage and structure their resources and business for growth and also, how to hire and keep tailors.

Other key points mentioned were:

•Startup Culture: Goal setting and Personal development
•Hiring the right people for your Business-Team
•Strategies for developing HR systems, policies, and practices
•Workforce analysis – how to define organization, culture, people, and the system.

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