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Skills and Experiences to Build a Successful Fashion Business

The 360creativehub team had the opportunity to host fashion lawyer, Annie Oti on Friday, 21st of June and she took her time to teach the F.A.P 2019 cohorts the various ways one can build a successful fashion business.

To build a successful fashion business, one has to think like an entrepreneur from the start. That means understanding how a business works and putting together a plan that explains one’s short term, medium term and long term goals. Hence, in order to achieve this, one must be able to:

– Design attractive and functional clothing items.

– Fully understand the market demand for each piece you are making.

– Know how to make the most out of social media for promotional purposes.

– Create a solid business plan.

– Have excellent accounting knowledge.

– Develop contacts in the retail industry to help introduce one’s line and build recognition among buyers.

– Maintain knowledge of changing fashions. That is, adjusting your style to meet new demands.

– Have a legal structure which will serve as protection.

Are you familiar with any of these skills and experiences? Do you have any questions for us? Kindly let us know in the comment section.


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