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Amazing Fashion Business Growth using Technology

use of technology in fashion

Amazing opportunities for Fashion Business Growth using technology.

Technology no doubt has evolved so fast that some of us haven’t caught up with it. The use of technology in fashion is the thread you wont to hop on quickly if you haven’t. If you look back carefully, you will realize that you’ve had countless moments interacting with the internet, you spend at least over 6 hours every day. What does this tell you? Your life is quietly increasingly becoming connected and dependent on your devices; smartphones and other digital platforms that are silently taking over the cities.

How can technology be used to grow Fashion business?

There are amazing opportunities for fashion business growth using technology and day after day technology evolves. The fashion business needs to embrace the digital world and designers should use the latest innovation to push the limits of manufacturing, production, marketing and wearability. From artificial intelligence to mobile commerce, 3D painting etc.
Data is everywhere and this couldn’t have been achieved without AI, it helps to collect, organize, analyze and sort data into relevant categories. Now, social media is the King of the web and it is providing customers with trends, also providing brands with a goldmine of data that can be used to predict trends and determine what works and what doesn’t, then uses this to understand what their customers are looking for and deliver on it.

Kim Kardashian with Screenshots uses AI image recognition to make fashion wear, with the use of app users can take a photo or screenshot anywhere of a look they like and find similar products at any price, so they can shop the whole look. This is a definite way to create a better wardrobe at shoppable prices.

Internet of Things
With 70% of the world interacting with objects every day through the internet, there’s a great opportunity in improving customer experiences and also collecting data to help understand the needs of customers and implement these strategies to create a more personalized experience.

Mobile commerce
80% of the world uses a smartphone, and can access information through the internet anywhere and whenever they need.
Payment and purchase experiences are now as simple as the click of a button through the web. This, with social media apps, digital wallets and communication apps, it is crystal clear that technology has impacted our everyday lives.
With these, high fly customer can enjoy seamless mobile-friendly shopping experience by just a click on the item and be redirected to the product page, reducing search time effectively just as Instagram’s shopping feature.

The use of technology to grow Fashion business cannot be overemphasized. The introduction of new technologies such as AI, IoT and others, mobile customers expect to receive a more personalized experience that cares for all their needs.
Transformation in digital is expected to change rapidly. Therefore, its time for retailers to embrace or get left behind.

And you wouldn’t want that, would you?


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