360 Creative Hub Fashion Acceleration Program (FAP) is specialized training program aimed at accelerating emerging fashion designers to becoming the next high street Nigerian brands.

Fashion Acceleration Program is open to any entrepreneur within the fashion value chain; Fashion designers, Fashion Bloggers, Fashion illustrators, Fashion Retailers, Pattern makers, Jewelers, Shoe makers, Bag Makers, and every fashion related field.

In the 2018 edition, had a total of 170 applicants, 25 was qualified and 10 made it to the finals. Among these 10 we have our top 5.


Creative Director, OYANI SIGNATURE – A leather fashion accessory brand that produces handmade multi-functional designs, leveraging technology.
Creative Director, WANDE CLOTHINGS- A Nigerian high-end, ready-to-wear and bespoke clothing brand for women.
Creative Director, CHIKABONITA FASHION- A handmade accessory brand that promotes style essence on a budget.
Creative Director, HIKARII VINCENT- A plus-size fashion and lifestyle brand for the stylish, curvy woman.
Creative Director, ARI’LEON- A female ready to wear brand for the everyday woman.


How To Improve Your Fashion Design Skills

Improve Your Fashion Design Skills

 7 tips of improving fashion skills

(1) Learn how to tell the difference or identify a good design from a bad one

(2) Be ready to make mistakes and learn from your mistakes

(3) Push yourself hard, come out of your comfort zone and don’t give up

(4) Read about fashion designing, watch YouTube videos, train yourself everyday.

(5) Think about your personal design style as your trademark. You want people to recognize your work and the best reward is when other designers try to copy you. It’s annoying but it will make you proud.

(6) If you don’t have any personal projects or work at hand, create one and pretend like you are doing a job for someone, it will help build yourself. Don’t settle for the first idea that comes to your head, have a creative mind, even if you make mistakes.

(7) Teach people what you know, this is a very vital step. The more you teach the more you know.sharing your knowledge is a great way to learn as well.

It doesn’t matter how good you are today, what matters is how fast you grow and the steps you take everyday to improve your skills




TIPS FOR FASHION ENTREPRENEURS : Retail industry is changing every season and new trends are being introduced in the market. As eCommerce is growing, it is time for merchants to customize their sale plans, distribution strategies, and promotional tactics.

To help you on your way, here are some tips for keeping your store thriving and sales sizzling.

Be Smart About Inventory: You’ll want to plan ahead and buy smart. Try to buy smart, and keep your prices tempting to sell as many products as possible.

Package Your Products Attractively: Try to package your products in a way that they will look attractive to buyers. Be sure to give discounts — shoppers love to purchase multiple items if it means they get a better deal.

Go International: You can take your business international by expanding your customer base and offering worldwide shipping. Brands distributing their merchandise across the world or looking to connect with a specific region will also have to make sure that their marketing strategy is tailored to each market.

Launching a mobile store and establishing online presence through a fashion retail store can completely transform your business and grow your customer base.
At 360 Creative Hub, a co-working/ co-sewing space for entrepreneurs and fashion designers.

360 Creative Innovation Hub is a coworking startup studio offering support, promotion and inspiration to independent fashion designers through community, collaboration and co-sewing. We are bringing together creatives and fashion entrepreneurs who are passionate about design.

We are a co-working space that gives fashion entrepreneurs, access to their own private space and an opportunity to collaborate and create with other like-minds.

Our co-sewing space helps you find inspiration and to create your own designs with access to sewing machines and workshop tools at your disposal.

The 360 Creative Hub provides a platform for brands and fashion-focused individuals to come together to create, collaborate and successfully achieve their dreams.

Follow us for more news and let us help you become a leader in the future of retail.


Why You Need a Co-Working Space as an Entrepreneur

need a co-working space

There are lots of entrepreneurs who are finding it difficult to grow their business, simply because they lack necessary facilities like, good internet, a working space (office), a serene environment and motivation.
In this article, we will be telling you why you need a co-working space as an entrepreneur and how it will help you grow your business from 0 to 100.

need a co-working space

What is a Co-working space? A co-working space is an office where work-space is shared with independent activity.
The following categories of people can use a co-working space:

  • Independent professionals and entrepreneurs
  • Freelancers
  • Remote workers and telecommuters
  • Temporary workers
  • A growing group known as “side-giggers,” or those who are employed in some capacity but take on other part-time, independent assignments

Why You Need a Co-Working Space

You need a co-working space basically because of work facilities your business lacks.
The following are the reasons why you need a co-working space:

need a co-working space

  • You will have access to basic facilities your business lacks like, good working space and environment,
  • good and fast internet
  • Collaboration and networking with other business owners
  • Access to valuable business contacts
  • Access to your personal locker and chair for you and your client/customer
  • Motivation from other business owners in the same co-working space with you.